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Not home yet still riding but I wanted you to know I had a Ball! I enjoyed you and appreciate you listening to me even thou it was a lot that I'm going through God places you in my life to be a sister I never had and I'm just grateful to have you in my life! I just wanted to reach back out to you and let you know that you are a Blessing to the Black Women in this world that need a little touch up to make their lives beautiful again! Be Blessed

Mrs. Cason

Queen sister, I woke up today just swinging my hair thinking 🤔 this look is working 💪. I would like to pay for Tree K Braids for the rest of the year with black braids and red and gold curls. Please let me know the cost and price of hair.

Dr. Gladden

I really enjoyed my hair appointment, it was my first time getting my hair done at Bignons. My stylist/owner was very warm and kind,she makes you feel like family. She even gave me tips on fashion and make up, Kristy I love your beautiful spirit you rock.


Hello I have been coming to Bignon’s for 2 years. They did my hair in knotless braids, box braids & now I’m doing tree braids. I truly enjoyed the different styles. Especially the tree braids by Kristy is my favorite style. My hair styles usually last 6 - 8 weeks. Here are some photos of my different styles.

Marie C

Kristy has been doing my tree braids for years and I just love her and my tree braids! I always receive numerous compliments on my hair about how pretty it is. I love the quality of the hair and how long it lasts. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have them done. Thanks Kristy! ❤️

Hernettia Acker

Absolutely amazing Kristy is the boss bomb thank you for making me feel and look so beautiful

Barbara Walker

1. Soothed my sore/tight scalp during week one of my braids. 2. Kept my edges oiled and protected during week one. 3. No smell. 4. Non-greasy. 5. Easy application. 6. A little goes a long way. Kristy Beke, Image by Bignon's Braiding Weaving & Hair Studio Bignon's African Hair thank you so much for making this organic oil. I'm really enjoying your brand and have absolutely no complaints. I'm finding myself going to it first before any other oils. This post is a SINCERE unsolicited encouragement that YOU NAILED THIS! Definitely making this a part of my haircare routine. I pray you CONTINUED success!

Mimi Williams

😊Thank you. So many compliments


Tree K Braid by Kristy Beke

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