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POW/HER 2023

Rebuilding with Resilience: Uniting Women Through Strength, Hope and Empowerment.

POW/HER 2023 theme

Rebuilding with Resilience: Uniting Women Through Strength, Hope and Empowerment.

Empowering Women's Movement

“Against seismic odds, the POW/HER founder persevered and transformed a heartbreaking tragedy into a beacon of power and possibility. This amazing woman proves that when you stand strong in resilience, no obstacle is too insurmountable to overcome.”

Innovative Event Management

“Rise Above the Struggle!” – Take your guests on an enlightening journey and encourage them to reach their highest potential by hosting an inspirational and empowering evening. Have a speaker series with POW/HER’s founder and other successful women who have overcome their struggles. Accompanied with delicious appetizers, desserts, and cocktails from local female-run businesses, encourage guests to share their stories and inspire each other in an atmosphere big enough for both the young and experienced. In the spirit of sisterhood, have an interactive art piece to commemorate the event that allows people to paint or draw their struggles on fabric as a reminder to never be afraid to strive for greatness no matter the obstacles.


I am proud to announce the founding of POW/HER, an organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring women of all races and backgrounds. This humanitarian project was founded by a woman who personally experienced human trafficking, yet never gave up on her own dreams or those of others. Through her strength and courage, she was able to break free from the bonds of trauma and abuse, earning a full ride scholarship to Marquette University and later a Masters in Journalism from Kent University. My hope is that POW/HER will offer support and 2 assistance to those who have faced similar challenges, so that they too can find the strength and courage to realize their goals and dreams.

Who we are together... There's nothing we can't accomplish.

POW/HER is the embodied symbol of a resilient female spirit. It stands for Person Overcoming and Witnessing Her Empowerment Realized. What started as an idea to inspire oppressed women has now become an organization that provides resources and educational assistance for those who have lived through trauma, abuse, or homelessness.
Our founder knows firsthand the struggles associated with being a woman in need. And from that experience, she found resolve and crafted an organization devoted to providing women within our communities with education, stability and security.
The power of connection from within combined with unwavering determination makes us strong together. We will continue to fight for justice and support for our communities in the spirit of our founder’s courage and perseverance. Help a Sister, Help Herself — that’s POW/HER.

Letter to Potential Supporters & Sponsors

To Whom I Hope to Concern,
I am writing to you on behalf of POW/HER – an organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering women of all races. Founded in 2003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this humanitarian project has been a life-changing experience for many.
The story of the organization’s founding is one of tremendous courage and resilience. Our founder was abducted by a man named Michael Bauchamp at the age of 17 and spent two years living in fear and enduring harrowing conditions. Despite all that she had gone through, she never gave up and worked tirelessly to gain control over her life and find resources to rebuild it. She even went on to complete high school, earn degrees from tech college and Marquette University, and then a Masters from Kent University.
Today, we are proud to offer our help to women who have faced similar struggles. We provide support, mental health assistance, resources, and guidance to those in need. Through uniting these women, we strive to break generational curses, build confidence, and create bonds that will last a lifetime.
We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of these women. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!
Our amazing team of volunteers

Press Notification

Contact: [Insert Contact Information]
DATE: [Insert Date]
{Insert Headline} POW/HER Inspires Women to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Greatness
[Location] – POW/HER, a humanitarian project founded in 2003 by a survivor of human trafficking, is inspiring women of all races to unite, build confidence and break generational curses. The mission of the organization is to create strong bonds between women that serve as sources of strength and support, helping them overcome any obstacle they may face.
The founder of POW/HER was only 17 when she was abducted by a man named Michael Bauchamp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She endured two years of horror and abuse, yet overcame her traumatic experience and refused to be broken. After escaping, she searched for resources to help herself get back on track, eventually earning a degree in Human Services 5 from a tech college, graduating high school and gaining a full ride scholarship to Marquette University to pursue Psychology and Communications degrees. Later she received her Masters in Journalism from Kent University.
“Every woman deserves to feel empowered,” said Ms. Lawrence, Founder of POW/HER. “POW/HER is dedicated to lifting up our sisters and giving them the tools to take control of their lives and achieve greatness.”
POW/HER connects women all around the world, providing valuable resources and assistance for those in need. Through the power of community and collective action, the organization intends to bridge any gaps that divide and prevent progress.
For more information about POW/HER or to get involved with the cause, visit their website at

Call Script for Calling Sponsors and Supporters or even Speakers

Me: Hi, I’m [Name], and I’m calling from the POW/HER organization. We’re a humanitarian project that works to empower women in need. Our mission is to inspire women to find hope and strength, break generational curses, and create bonds that cannot be broken easily.
Customer: That sounds great, but how do you help these women?
Me: We provide a variety of services for our clients, including educational programming, job training, financial literacy classes, and mental health support. We also offer programs specifically designed to help survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. Our goal is to help women gain access to the resources they need to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.
Customer: What sets your organization apart from other similar organizations?
Me: What makes us unique is our founder’s personal story of resilience and courage. She was abducted at the age of 17 and endured two years of harrowing conditions before she was able to escape. Despite the trauma she experienced, she never gave up on herself and found ways to move forward with her life. Now we use her story as an example of what can be achieved through strength, determination, and hard work. We also provide our clients with direct access to resources that are tailored to their individual needs.
Customer: That’s inspiring, but I’m worried about the cost. Can you tell me more about how much it costs to take part in your programs?
Me: Absolutely! Our services are offered at no cost to the participants. We are funded by grants and private donations so that we can provide our clients with quality services without burdening them with financial worries.
Customer: That’s great! How can I get involved and help out?
Me: We would love to have you join us in our mission! You can contribute by volunteering your time or donating financially. Your support would make a huge difference in the lives of the women we serve. Thank you for considering helping us make a positive impact in the world!

Organization Talking Points for Committee Members

The founder of POW/HER had endured more than most. After being abducted at the age of 17, she managed to survive two years in fear and horror while enduring harrowing conditions and repeated beatings. But even after she escaped, she found little support or mental health assistance to help her work through the trauma she had experienced.
But no matter how difficult things got, she never gave up on herself. Every day she searched for resources and ways to take control of the broken pieces of her life. Through hard work and determination, she completed high school and earned a degree in Human Services from a tech college. She was then awarded a full ride scholarship to Marquette University where she double majored in psychology and communication. Finally, she finished her educational journey with a Masters in journalism from Kent University.
It was through this extraordinary journey that the founder of POW/HER was inspired to create an organization which united women of all races, empowering them to build confidence, break generational curses, and forge bonds that could not be broken easily. For over seventeen years now, POW/HER has worked tirelessly to inspire and provide support for the countless underserved women who need it most.

Pitching Media

Dear Forbes,
I’m a Committee Member for the organization POW/HER, which was founded in 2003 as “Help a Sister, Help Herself” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mission is to empower and inspire women of all races and backgrounds, and to break generational curses and create lasting bonds.
Our founder is a woman who survived human trafficking at age 17 and endured two years of harrowing conditions before escaping. Unsurprisingly, she found little to no mental health or emotional support when trying to rebuild her life. But in spite of this tremendous adversity, she never gave up. She completed high school, earned a degree in Human Services, and was awarded full-ride scholarships to Marquette University, where she double majored in psychology and communication, and Kent University, where she obtained her Masters in journalism.
We think that our founder’s story about overcoming unimaginable odds is an inspiring one that your readers would be interested in. If you would be interested in writing a story about POW/HER, I’d be more than happy to provide additional information or arrange an interview with our founder.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Committee Member

Media Question

What motivated the founder of POW/HER to not give up despite the trauma she experienced and lack of support she received in her community?
Committee Members
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