Kristy Beke

Salon Suites

Welcome to Our Salon Suites in Greenville South Carolina

With over 25 years of experience transforming looks and helping stylists achieve financial freedom, Kristy Beke recognizes the significance of building a legacy.
Our salon suite presents exclusive, luxurious, and spacious salon suites, offering the opportunity to own and operate a salon business without the complexities and expenses of facility management. It’s more than just “renting space” – we understand the needs of salon professionals. Focus on growing your client base, networking, refining your skills, and increasing your income. We can’t wait to welcome you to our family!

Welcome to Our Salon Suites in Greenville South Carolina

At Our Salon Suites, we aim to support your success in the salon industry by
offering a professional and aesthetically pleasing environment for your clients.
Our salon locations enable you to make a fantastic first impression as soon as you open your doors for business. Additionally, you have the flexibility to upgrade your suite to match your specific needs, allowing you to create the desired look and ambiance.
Whether you specialize in hair braiding, styling, barbering, nail technology, esthetics, facial treatments, spray tanning, makeup artistry, Botox, teeth whitening, or any other salon profession, we have a beautiful suite tailored just for you.








Kickstart your journey now and enjoy 4 Weeks Free = Discounted Rent All Summer!
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Advantages of Our Salon Suites

We provide everything you need to take control of your career and establish your own salon. Your fixed weekly rate encompasses utilities, liability insurance, WiFi, and laundry facilities. Each suite is pre-furnished at no additional cost. Hair Stylist suites include a Styling Chair, dryer with chair, Shampoo Basin, and Mounted Cabinet. Nail Suites are equipped with a Nail Technician Chair and Table, Client Chair, and Mounted Cabinet(s). Other salon service suites are equipped with a mounted Cabinet(s).

Limitless Customization Opportunities

At Our Salon Suites, we encourage Salon Professionals to unleash their creativity by fully customizing their suites with paint, artwork, additional furniture, or any other imaginative ideas!



Indulge yourself at one of Our Salon Suites locations in Greenville, South Carolina. Our Salon Suites welcomes you to a tranquil and revitalizing spa ambiance, offering a five-star, private experience. Unlike traditional salon setups, relish in personalized care tailored to meet your beauty needs within a relaxed environment where you can treat yourself and enjoy an array of cutting-edge services—all conveniently under one roof.
Each of our salon professionals provides a diverse range of services, with specifics varying based on your chosen professional. The directories below offer an in-depth list of services provided by individual professionals. For inquiries or appointments, please reach out directly to your selected professional. Keep in mind that our salon professionals operate as independent artists, and their pricing may differ. Give them a call – they’ll be more than happy to address your queries and welcome you to their suite at Our Salon Suites.