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Kristy Beke is known for her incredible braiding technique
“Tree K Braids” lush glamorous curls or straight silky natural hair care styles for those who love a posh lifestyle.


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Natural Hair Care Solution

Experience the holistic approach of the Kristy Béké Natural Hair Care professional line, meticulously crafted with an abundance of essential oils and carefully curated components. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the formulation, featuring minimal levels of select ingredients to ensure optimal hair care benefits. Embrace the richness of natural ingredients for a comprehensive and nourishing solution to your hair care needs.

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Experience unparalleled satisfaction as Kristy Beke ensures every client leaves with a smile. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, professional setting equipped with a full entertainment center. Watch movies, partake in meaningful conversations, and forge a friendship with Kristy. Elevate your salon experience with enthusiasm and warmth!
Kristy Beke ensures that her clients always leave feeling satisfied. Enjoy a comfortable and professional atmosphere with a full entertainment center; watch movies, engage in meaningful dialogue, and make a friend in Kristy.
Kristy Beke is known for her incredible braiding technique
“Tree K Braids” lush glamorous curls or straight silky natural
hair care styles for those who love a posh lifestyle.

Kristy's Braid Camp

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Sassy Curlz

Starting at $365

Hollywood Curlz

Starting at $300

Wet & Wavy Human Hair

Starting at $850

Brazilian Curlz

$285 to $330

Diva Curlz

Starting at $325

Glam Curlz 20″

Starting at $325

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Treek Braid Home Care System

Kristy Beke strongly encourages you to use the home care products when booking your appointment to guarantee that your Tree K Braids look great for as long as possible. For clients who need to replenish their home care system, take advantage of the discounted bundle package by clicking the link below.


Strengthen hair follicle and restore moisture with HP balance.


For longer lasting curls use our soft curl rods.


Protect your hair from frizzy strains and aging wear a satin bonnet


When you complete your Tree K Braid install receive a care instruction card

We are ecstatic to discover your interest in having Tree K Braids installed. Please ensure you go through the consultation information carefully before scheduling an appointment.

Your Current Hair Length

For a successful Tree K Braid Install, your hair must be at least 5″ inches in length.

Decide What Color?

To keep your appointment running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to understand which color you prefer so that the necessary hair preparation can be made beforehand. This will ultimately reduce install time.

Decide What Hair Type?

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your hair texture before you arrive for your appointment – be it straight, wavy, or glam curls – in order to reduce the installation time.

Deposit is Required

In order to guarantee your reservation, we require a nonrefundable deposit for all appointments. This is necessary to ensure that we can meet the high demand for our services.

The Right Products For Your Natural Hair

No Alcohol, Parabens, Sulfates, or Sodium Chloride. Safe for colored, straightened and chemically treated hairUV protectant. pH balanced.

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