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Light Green


Item Details:
Sold by the string (single string)
• Handmade item
• Materials: glass beads, seed beads, thread, sage
• Beaded
• Closure: Tie
• Jewelry style: Boho & Hippie

• Made to Order


Tie on instructions:
1. Position the strand around your waist, where you would like them to lay
2. Cross the ends at your desired fit while allowing the extra beads to drop to the ends.
3. Tie 2-3 knots at that spot.
4. Cut the ends to release the extra beads into a bowl.
5. Cut the strings off close to the knot.




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Estimated delivery dates: Jun 22, 2024 - Jun 24, 2024
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For generations, West African and Caribbean have adorned waist beads to enhance and shape a woman’s silhouette, providing an ultra-feminine feel. Perfect for pairing with a bathing suit, crop top, or underneath clothing. This listing is for a single (1) strand of beads, each measuring approximately 45 inches. You can easily adjust and tie them to fit your waist, and please note, they do not include a clasp.



For our traditional tie-on beads, there’s no need to choose a specific size. Our regular tie-on waist beads are 47 inches long and accommodate up to size 16. You’ll customize the fit to your waist upon arrival. If you’re looking for longer beads, explore our extended length 60-inch collection. The traditional beads don’t require clasps; simply tie them on.

If you prefer beads with a clasp closure, check out our clasp collection. When ordering clasp beads, please provide your measurements in advance and select your size during the order process.

You have the flexibility to wear your beads on your waistline, high hip, or low hip, depending on your preference (refer to the image below). Ensure some wiggle room when tying your beads or when opting for the ones with clasps.


West African have adorned waist beads for generations to highlight and complement a woman’s physique, providing an ultra-feminine feel. Designed to be worn on your waist, hip, or panty line, waist beads offer versatile comfort, suitable for extended or even permanent wear – you might even forget you have them on! Whether over clothing, paired with a crop top or swimsuit, or discreetly worn underneath, waist beads are created to withstand clothing friction, ensuring enduring comfort.



Wondering about taking them off or engaging in activities? Traditionally, beads are not removed once tied – they are meant to stay on. You can freely bathe, exercise, and partake in various activities with your beads on. The thread dries swiftly on its own after exposure to water from bathing or swimming.

If you prefer the option to remove your beads, we recommend tying them lower on the hip, allowing for overhead removal. Alternatively, you may explore our bead collection with clasps/screws, available here.


Waist beads, a string of beads threaded together, serve as jewelry worn around the mid-section and hips. Rooted in African traditions, the history and meanings behind waist beads vary across cultures. Crafted by hand in Ivory Cost, our waist beads have been integral in celebrating femininity and sexuality. They’ve adorned individuals in rites of passage, marriage ceremonies, and even served as tools for tracking children’s weight. Some beads are blessed for protection, to ward off illness, and bring love and fertility to the wearer.

In contemporary times, waist beads have evolved into a movement of empowerment. They serve as a form of self-expression, allowing women to set positive intentions and celebrate their bodies—particularly emphasizing a part often subjected to judgment and shame. Our beads are crafted for every body, shape, size, and color, aiming to bring the beauty and power of waist beads to all women. We believe in encouraging women to view their waists as daily reminders to appreciate their bodies throughout their unique journeys.

Discover how women utilize waist beads to adorn their bodies, set positive intentions, track fitness journeys, and celebrate milestones by reading more here. Explore our Features page for additional videos and discussions on beads, empowerment, and an insider’s view of our creative process.


Choosing the right bead is a deeply personal expression. It ultimately depends on you. Some individuals base their choices on the meanings and emotions associated with specific colors, while others are drawn to colors that resonate with them personally. Check out our color meanings guide for inspiration.


We craft our beads using multiple layers of non-stretch cotton thread, creating a durable, rope-like effect. The majority of our beads are glass seed beads, and for our flat beads, we use vinyl heishi beads.


Waist beads can serve as a non-scale method to monitor weight fluctuations. As you lose weight, you’ll feel the beads dropping, and conversely, as you gain weight, you’ll notice the beads pushing up.


If your traditional tie-on beads become loose, you can easily readjust them. Ensure you have enough excess string to retie the ends together. Simply cut the string where you initially tied it, remove the excess beads, and retie the knot following the initial tying instructions.


Our beads are meticulously handmade in West Africa ( Ivory Cost)
and are prepared for shipping from Charlotte, NC


Traditionally, we wear three beads at a time, but many customers begin with two for color coordination and layering when tying. Some individuals choose to wear as many as 25 beads at a time.

KB waist beads are sold in a single strand. This waist bead strand is made on a very strong thread. They are available up to 36 inches. If you desire a length longer than 36, you’ll need to buy 2 and tie them together. Extra beads can be tied as a bracelet or anklet. KB waist beads can be worn regularly, waist beads become an extension of yourself. Traditionally, they are worn in secret, seen only by you and the lover(s) you choose. Waist beads are worn by females of all ages from small children to the elderly, and by all size women. They can be given as gifts for rites of passage, pregnant women, weddings, milestones, etc.


How to measure your waist 

1. Remove or lift your shirt.
2. Wrap measuring tape around your waist (beads are typically worn just above, below, or right around the navel).
3. Measure with the tape held around your waist: not too tight, but comfortable enough for your waist beads.
4. Repeat the process just to double-check the accuracy of your original measurement. 1 28 29
5. Use the drop down menu to select size. If your size is not shown, please type it in the notes section during check out.
Waist Bead Benefits
Demonstrating measurement is not too Benefits of Waist Beads
⁃ Waist Training
⁃ Weight Loss Tracking
⁃ Weight Control
⁃ Body Adornment, Decoration, & Edification
⁃ Supports Fertility and overall Yoni Wellness
⁃ Helps with Embracing Sexuality & Sensuality
⁃ Aids in Healing & Spirituality
⁃ Can be used as a Tool for manifestation of Love


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